Ville Suhosen dokumenttielokuva JÄÄMARSSI - Suomen matkaopas 1941-42

"Frozen Hell - Prisoners of War in Finland 1941-42"

A documentary film about the POW concentration camps in Finland during the World War II

"Frozen Hell", written and directed by Ville Suhonen, unravels a hidden episode during the most debated period in Finnish history. There were tens of thousand Soviet Red Army prisoners who were captured as POWs by Finnish forces during the second world war. The prisoners became pawns of the Finnish political and industrial elite, battling between wartime superpowers and economic demands. One third of the prisoners died in the camps' primitive conditions or were unlawfully executed. The film includes previously unseen archive material and it deals with the dark side of Finnish war history for the first time.

  • written and directed by Ville Suhonen
  • cinematography Pekka Uotila
  • editing Tuuli Kuittinen
  • sound design Kirka Sainio
  • produced by Illume Oy / Pertti Veijalainen (
  • duration 85 min.
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